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Important Things!

Dear Oofuri fandom,








I’m just gonna come right out and say this because if I don’t, it’ll just bug me and distract me lol.

We had the most ridiculous case of an anonymous fan just being honest, and in the end, they were under fire because of this.

Oye, putting a cut because I may lose control haha…

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Please read, fandom. Please.

EDIT: Also going to add: Anon, I hope you don’t feel like you’re getting hate now but it really was a little rude of you to say that to someone who had an opinion on the fandom. This is mostly to myself but, consider this a lesson to the fandom as the first small fandom drama [that I’ve been apart of].

I have NO IDEA what’s been going on but PLEASE READ THIS GUYS.

We let’s go back to being the loving fandom we always were!

I don’t know what the hell happened but uh

stay beautiful, fandom??

I think I know what happened but whatever..

C-can we just give each other brohugs and hetero kisses again? 

Whats happened? Can anyone let me in on stuff? 


But just remember, we have to be welcoming towards everyone despite their quirks and attitudes and personalities.  I mean, isn’t that one of the main messages of Oofuri?  Look at how socially awkward and dysfunctional Abe and Mihashi are, how anxious Hanai and Oki are, the various quirks of Tajima, the nervousness of Sakaeguchi, Mizutani’s carelessness, Suyama’s quietness (and protein shake fear), Izumi’s sarcastic attitude, and Nishihiro’s inexperience.

Yet, all these boys cherish each other through all the rough patches in their personalities because the friendships mean much much OH SO MUCH more than any personal troubles they each have with each other’s character.  They try to help improve each other but in no way do they look down or devalue someone else’s opinions, values, way of thinking, etc.

Be sensible, be respectful, and more than anything be welcoming, supporting, and loving. Let’s get along like Nishiura, alright?