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Misha on West learning sign language

So he’s learning all these signs. His first sign was ‘dog’, and his next sign was ‘moon’. And he has a very thick accent with signing, like this is ‘moon’ [signs]—or I think that’s ‘moon’ [signs], but he goes, [signs] which can be kind of confusing with him cause this is his horse [signs] and a lot of the signs kind of bleed together, cause bird is supposed to be like this, [signs] he pinches his lip which is the same sign he does as eating. He has a thick accent. He knows all these words, he knows ‘more’, he knows ‘cracker’. He knows all this stuff, but he doesn’t know ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ yet. I was like, “Hey man, what’s going on? What are we? chopped liver?”
 So I was in the bath with him and I was like, “Alright, let’s learn ‘mom’. This is the sign for ‘mom’ [signs] This is ‘mom’. This is ‘mom’” And he was looking at me, like paying attention, studying. He got it. Mom comes in the bath, and I was like, “West, what’s the sign for ‘Mom’?” And he goes [signs], shoves four fingers down his throat, hits his gag reflex and he goes [gags] a little. And his eyes widen with delight and he shoves further in and makes himself full on throw up. And it’s like a mini bout with baby bulimia.

It’s official: West inherited the troll genes