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Important Things!

Our Coffee Lounge with Misha



Okay so we managed to get a coffee lounge with Misha this morning and I am not kidding, BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

We started queuing up really early so we got the best seats, I was sat to the right of him and Becca to the left. Becca & I got him a little stuffed horse as a joke because of the whole ‘I’ll take a photo of myself naked with a horse’ and we sat it on his chair with Becca’s monkey hat on. (Coincidentally, the horse also kinda looked like Jensen if he were a horse)

And then the events lady told us to all budge our chairs out because ‘we don’t want you sitting on top of Misha’ and then Misha came in and was all ‘Why are you all so far away? Squish in!’ so we all moved out chairs in a really tight circle and hueisi

He saw the little DeanHorse on the chair and was like ‘Is this for me?’ then pretended to take his jeans off

Then some people sat on the floor, so Misha was like ‘Oh okay let’s all sit on the floor!’ and he sat on the floor too

MILLY & GRACE WERE THE TEA-MAKING EXTRAORDINARIES. Lol seriously as soon as Misha sat down Milly was like CAN WE HAVE OUR TEA NOW????????

And then some people asked a couple of questions, and I had the annual that Millie #2  had VERY VERY VERY VERY kindly printed off and given to me yesterday. And I was nervous to give it to him, Becca was sat on the floor to the left of him and I was sat in a chair to the right of him, and Becca and I started to have this silent conversation behind his back something along the lines of





And then Misha looked at me and said: “What does someone have a question that they are too afraid to ask?” and I said: “I’m not afraid!” and I was like FUCK IT LET’S DO THIS so I started to reach under my chair to grab it but because Misha was on the floor he like grabbed it first and I was like “NO MISHA I NEED TO GET IT OUT AND GIVE IT TO YOU!” so he let go and I got out the annual and said: “So I made this in the summer and put it on my tumblr, and one of my followers printed it out and gave it to me but i already have it like on my computer so i thought i would give it to you….”

So he took it and started flicking through it. Then he smelt the paper and went “It smells like farts!” and I said “It does not smell like farts!” then Becca smelt it and was all “It just smells like paper!” (IT DIDN’T SMELL OF FARTS)

And then we started talking about tumblr. He looked through my annual and said “So…this is basically tumblr?!” and everyone was like “yeah, basically” and he said “Some people say I should get a tumblr and some people say that I shouldn’t” and we were all “YESSS GET  A TUMBLR” and someone said “Everyone thinks you’re on there anyway posing as a teenage girl” and he laughed and said “I don’t have a tumblr, but if I did that is exactly what I would do”

Then he said how he’d been on tumblr a couple of times, when he clicked on an image on his phone but it just showed how many people had liked it and he got all confused. So we explained to him that he was probably on an individual blog post and shit. And he also said how he dislikes Twitter and how when you’re scrolling it takes ages to find past posts and how they all got lost.

Oh, and we talked about how US have advert breaks every 5 mins and how they’re really weird compared to UK adverts

There was a little girl there and she was real cute. She started talking about Harry Hill’s TV Burp and how a tomato was fighting a hamburger and Misha was like WTF are british TV programmes. And the girl said how her grandma doesn’t have Sky TV (which is satellite TV) and the conversation went kinda like this:

Misha: She doesn’t have Sky TV? That’s terrible!

Girl: Yes, it is!

Misha: You’re painting your grandma to be a very sad old lady.

Girl: She only has a pet cat!

Misha: *laughing* She only has one pet cat? Is she lonely?

Girl: She lives below us! (she meant that they live in the flat above her)

Misha: You keep her locked up in the basement? Your poor grandma!

Girl: We visit her sometimes…

Misha: You visit her in the dungeon sometimes? To feed her scraps? Do you scrape your plates through the bars to her?

THEN Kiki got out her Finnish sweets, called Salmiakki. It’s like a salty liquorice kinda sweet. AND LET ME TELL YOU NOW, I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY EATEN ANYTHING WORSE IN MY LIFE. They tasted like shoes. But apparently they’re really popular in Finland and you either love them or hate them.

So we got Misha to try one. And he described it as:

“When I had a root canal done, and they burst an abscess in my mouth, and my mouth was full of pus and blood, that’s what this candy tastes like” 

YET I STILL HAD TO TRY ONE. And we passed them around the circle and it was really funny because inbetween Misha talking you’d suddenly hear someone go “UUUGHHHHHHH” as they tried one and shudder and pull a disgusted face and huiwhei

THAT’S ALL I REMEMBER FOR NOW. Ummm, if i’ve missed anything I’m sure Becca or Milly or Kiki will like correct me or something

crying we need to go back perfect lovely great happy smiles