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Important Things!

Misha on slash


I can’t help but laugh when I read someone complaining that talking about Dean/Castiel is going to make Misha “uncomfortable.” Misha Collins has been training his whole life for this, from studying meditation with Tibetan monks in Nepal, to doing an internship at the Clinton White House (Bill still asks him to wear a blue dress when he visits). Misha Collins is married to a feminist historian who writes about sex. Of course he’s okay with it! In fact, he’s really into making you feel uncomfortable about it.

[when asked about slash] “I think it is a great cultural asset that unites the world and makes it better.” Misha from Asylum Europe 2010 

“Big thumbs up all round! Super awesome! Don’t worry about me judging. I don’t judge. I’ve done all sorts of pervy stuff too- not that I’m saying what you do is! I know it’s mostly totally platonic anyway, they’re just playing with Legos and stuff. Almost all of it is G-rated and totally for kids. And that’s awesome! Please don’t think I judge you.” Misha during Asylum 3, 2009

“It’s kind of a little bit of a weird line to cross, and I’ve mentioned it during the Q&As at the fan conventions. And you can sense the whole audience tensing up, like they don’t want you to talk about this slash fiction weird pervy stuff that they get into. So I do like to bring it up for that reason.” Misha in 2009 

“Just to take a statistical sampling, if this were the general viewing public, pretty much all TV shows would have like really strong homoerotic overtures. Right? You would see guys making out, for sure. Which is great! I’m all for it.” - Misha from LA Con 2011

“I’ve still only read part of one slash fic … Don’t talk about it? Right! Because there’s a line! There’s a line! And you’re crossing it! Right now! Don’t? Because it’s going to upset some people in this room if you talk about it! Don’t upset these poor people! The only thing I was gonna say about it is that it does exist - let’s face reality here - and apparently there’s a subsection of Dean/Cas/Pie. Haven’t read it. Probably not going to. But it haunts the back of my mind that it exists.” - Misha at VanCon 2009.

Q: Destiel or Wincest?

A: It’s nice to have someone cross that line so early in the morning! For those of you not up to speed, she’s asking me if I prefer the homoerotic writings involving this angel/human thing or the disgusting twin - no - what is it called? Brothers - incest! I have to say I still haven’t boned up on my slash fic so … I don’t know. What’s your preference? You obviously like both.

Q: I am a Destiel fan. [Cheers!]

A: This is the most “out” crowd I’ve ever … so there’s this phenomenon, I don’t know if you know about it or not, but some of you or probably most of you do it. But it’s like fans who write stories about the characters on the show. And not just this show, I think it started with Spock and Captain Kirk or something, a long time ago. Is that not true? I don’t care. And they write stories like “And then Spock spotted Captain Kirk’s glistening lips and leaned in for a kiss,” and I just spouted something that made me a bit uncomfortable. I mean, am I wrong?! No, I am not wrong? Lots of negatives in there, but I am right! So this carries on to this day with Sam and Dean doing things to one another, and - whatever. And when I first started coming to conventions, somebody told me about it and I was like “Really? What is this?” And someone got up - someone with perverse tendencies just like yourself - and asked a question, and the crowd went noooooooo. Boooo! Lynch her! Terrible! And now everyone is like “Yay! We do to!” So it’s like everybody’s coming out. It’s nice! Fucked up, but it’s nice. - Misha during Asylum 7

“Recently for the publicist for the CW said they were talking to somebody and they said ‘We want to interview Misha about fanfic,’ and she said, ‘He doesn’t know anything about that,” and they said, “No, that’s not right. He does. He studies it.’ As if I’ve got piles of books, and I draw the blinds close and I read all of these books! … I’ve got this curiosity about it. I think it’s interesting. But I haven’t gotten to the intensive Googling phase yet. I’ll know when the warning signs hit. Or maybe I already have and I’m lying. Maybe I’ve read all of your stories. And post comments. Some of them are badly written. You know who you are.” Misha at Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009

[On what Supernatural would be if it was a movie] “Gay porn incest story with two brothers fucking the shit out of each other … directed by Kermit the Frog. ‘Why are there so many songs about rainbows?’” - Misha on this strange podcast  

Interviewer: My wife is over there.
Misha: That doesn’t make you straight. - from the same as above 

Interviewer: Your character, Castiel, is accused by Anna [Julie McNiven] of not being able to feel real emotion, but he seems to have a real affection for Dean [Jensen Ackles]. How do you work with that sort of dichotomy?

Collins: Yes, how do you explain the homoerotic tension [laughs]? - le interview

 I’m thrilled to know that I do have a following in the gay community. [laughs] I’m constantly trying to actually figure it out, without actually doing any research, but another thing that has kind of amazed me is how many die-hard Supernatural fans are lesbians too. [… ] It’s a really, it’s a very cool fandom. It seems like the fandom of Supernatural is very inclusive group, and I think that’s awesome. - from Misha’s interview with After Elton