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Important Things!

Misogyny is a systematic and institutionalized form of bigotry and oppression that permeates through every aspect of our society in ways that can be obvious or more subtle (rape culture and its perpetuation can be obvious or subtle and can sometimes be difficult for a man who has never felt its effects to detect, but either way it’s horrifying.) Misandry is not systematic and it is not institutionalized. The distrust or hatred of men is a rational reaction to misogyny, which is ubiquitous and static. Statements like “can’t we all just be friends?” assume that there exists a level playing field. Until this level playing field truly exists, statements like these can easily be dismissed as childish, naive, shallow, frivolous and boring.

My response to a man asking “can’t we all just be friends?” and “isn’t misandry just as bad as misogyny?” (via sixtyforty)

ugh I want to staple this to the “what about the menz??!” faux-feminist guys on my course.

(via kitschy-kat)