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[tw: rape] Please spread the word!




Hey all

My friend is trying to get signatures for a petition against Judge David Farrell. Recently, he sentenced 2 men to 40 months in prison for raping an 11-year old. Why was the sentence so light? Because she looked older than her age and was “willing”, despite the fact that she claimed it was rape. Please reblog as far as the eye can see and sign this petition to voice your opinion that this is unacceptable!!


Ugh. Disgusting. Please sign and reblog.

Will be signing this, but I don’t feel comfortable with the phrasing “dispite the fact she claimed it was rape.”

She was 11-years old, which means if he penetrated her (which doesn’t seem to be in question) it was rape with zero exceptions because she is 11-years old.  This is sickening.

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