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One of my best friend’s is gay. At school he is constantly bullied, people will call him names, harass him, push him around and some even say ‘I hope he goes into the restroom and kills himself’. He’s only sixteen years old, a kid, and everyday he deals with the thoughts of taking his own life. 

I’ve had enough of people treating him like shit, so I went to a teacher and their response was, “It’s wrong, but he brought it on himself because he came out of the closet.” Which TICKS me off to no end, it’s bullshit.

And our Vice Principal just brushes it off, tells him to calm down and go back to class. She never talks to the kids that harass him or anything. And one girl that kept harassing him and he fought back to? He got suspended for 11 days for terroristic threatening. How many did she have? 2.

I don’t want to have to go to my best friends funeral because no one seemed to care that he was being bullied. So I ask you all to help me contact our local news station, our local paper, and our school board. Maybe if more people talk to them about it, something will be done.

He’s my Kurt, I just can’t see him suffer through this anymore. He’s such a great kid.







anna.chaffin@russellind.kyschools.us - Vice Principal

alan.thompson@russellind.kyschools.us - Principal

He’s not the only kid in my school that has been bullied and ignored. One year someone even killed themselves over it. I want this to stop, not just for my best friend, but for the other kids who need to be heard.