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 #okay while this line is hilarious and whatnot #i actually read it as something a little bit sadder #because in this episode Dean is pushing everyone away #trying to make them WANT him to say yes so he’ll be gone #he tells Bobby ‘you’re not my father’ #knowing that’s where it’ll hurt him the most #he tells Sam ‘I don’t believe in you’ #knowing that will cut the deepest #but what does he say to Cas? he makes a bunch of mocking sexual references #I think he knows that Cas is attracted to him #and this is him calling him out on it #to try and make Cas angry and hurt #this episode is Dean trying to convince his family that they don’t want him #so he goes for their weak spots #and Cas’s weak spot is the fact that he’s in love with Dean


*gross sobbing*

#You can see Cas isn’t just confused #If you look at his eyes there’s a flash of panic after the initial What do you mean? reaction #Then his eyebrows quiver because he’s trying to hold his expression so Dean can’t tell he’s hurt #why are you my OTP? #You hurt so bad

#the thing is though there’s not just Cas to look at here, #While there is slight panic in his eyes, #look at Dean’s face after he realises what he’s said, #there’s guilt there, #Like he’s known Cas likes him and maybe there’s a tiny part of him that likes Cas back but, #this isn’t the time for that, #this is the time to man up and save the world, #but it doesn’t mean that taking what Cas is feeling and shooting it back in his face that way is good, #the look on Dean’s face says that he knows he’s just ruined it, #whatever they haveor might have, #he’s just spat it back at his angel, #and being called out so bluntly is not something you usually spring back from, #so this is Dean thinking he’s lost it, #but it doesn’t matter because he’s giving in tomorrow anyway, #and there’s no time for regrets like that, #destiel, #the ship of broken glass to the heart,