Hello! My name is Nykolle. You can call me that, doodle, or anything you deem suitable.

This is mostly a multi-fandom blog, mixed with things I find amusing/interesting. I take no responsibility for the terror your eyes will undoubtedly witness here. Feel free to chat with me or ask any kind of questions! I am not shy and am willing to help to the best of my abilities. The bolded is what I am reblogging most at this time of year.

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Important Things!


House Hybrids: Ravenpuff- Ravenpuffs are constantly contradicting themselves, thinking they have done something completely right and then deciding it is absolutely awful the next minute. They do this with people as well, thinking that everyone is as they seem until their Ravenclaw side speaks up, and they begin to second guess every movement a person makes. Ravenpuffs tend to be quite shy, and if they talk to you they will be friendly; but make no mistake, they are analyzing every single move you make. Ravenpuffs are very academic and later on in life what one would call “work-a-holics” devoting themselves into whatever passion they may have. Ravenpuffs tend to be very creative, observing others and using it in their work. Ravenpuffs shudder at the idea of conflict, avoiding it anyway necessary, usually keeping to themselves to make sure it stays this way. Novelists, musicians and psychiatrists are often Ravenpuffs. (source)