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Important Things!


One Town’s War on Gay Teens






1. This is very triggering about bullying and suicide. Proceed with caution.

2. This is from Rolling Stone’s Valentine’s Day issue.

3. If you are a straight person in the Glee fandom, oh god, do I want you to read every word of this.

Everyone needs to read this. This isn’t just me and my silly Glee fannishness this is horrible and horrifying and people need to know about it because I definitely hadn’t heard about this before today.

This needs to be read. Share it everywhere, Quirkls. I am so heartbroken and sad. No one should ever have to feel so alone, or so hated, or so unloveable. 

I am always here if anyone needs to talk. I hope you all know that. 

I know I cry a lot, but I’m really crying. This whole thing is just sick. I can accept that there are stupid, cruel bigots out there, but it’s just appalling when they are the ones in charge of anything beyond their own ridiculously small lives. I hope that someday soon we won’t be reading any articles like this, and that all those closed-minded, awful people who are in any position of power get replaced by actual caring human beings.

this is so sad :(