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friends go for the ear area


best friends go for the bum area


friends blow each other kisses


best friends flip each other off


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Please Reblog.


A few days ago I emailed tumblr asking them to remove the photo of Martin’s children and, miraculously, it worked.

Thus tumblr saved us all the effort of speaking to everyone who reblogged it personally and writing endless polite public appeals. The whole thing was wiped from existence. Which was lovely. I posted this on both Amanda’s and Martin’s facebook pages and Amanda even said thank you, which was even lovelier. It was all just spiffing.

I go away for a few days, I come back, and what do I see? It’s up. Again.

This is utterly ridiculous. I am more filled with rage than Martin himself.


The thing is though, now I know that all it takes is a quick email and it’s gone.

So, in the interests of mine and everyone’s sanity - and for the lovely Martin and Amanda - if you see the picture again, copy the link from anyone who reblogged it and email it to support@tumblr.com explaining the issue. Hopefully this particular post will be gone very soon (it took all but a day last time) but just in case it rears it’s ugly head once more it’s nice to know that tumblr are behind us on this one.

Alternatively, everyone could just stop reposting it. That would be loveliest of all.

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“Martin was naked in Love Actually. Benedict is always naked – he was naked on stage in Frankenstein – so I was just joining the club.”
-Lara Pulver

Benedict is always naked.

just the way we like him.

On set Martin [Freeman] kept saying, ‘Oh yeah, you went to fucking Hogwarts, didn’t you?’.

Benedict Cumberbatch, talking about his boarding school education. (via capngeech)

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