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some of my favorite sharks





Baby shark

it looks like one of those shark squeak toys it’s adorable


it’s ok friend i’m sure that’s what they did
sharks and most fish can survive a little while out of the water without doin any damage, enough to take a picture like this one anyway
this isn’t a fishing boat it’s just a pier with some recreational fishers so they probably have no interest in keeping it, they just wanted a picture of this lil cutie so there’s no need to fret buddy

This is like the kindest response ever.

This shark can turn invisible
The splendid lantern shark has three incredibly cool features. First, it’s called “the splendid lantern shark,” which is rad. I am going to start putting “the splendid” in front of my name when I introduce myself to people, too. Second, it can glow in the dark. Third, it can freakin’ turn itself invisible.
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You don’t know much about sharks, do you?

 I don’t need to know crap about sharks to know they have no point to life but to eat things. So I don’t really care about anything else. .. .

Actually they have plenty of point in life. They keep the populations of species lower in the food chain in check, ensuring only the healthiest, strongest animals survive to breed. They pretty much shape the evolution of other species. They themselves are also important food sources for some orca populations.
And they are intelligent, curious creatures that get a bad rep because people don’t know crap about them and refuse to learn. It’s fear of the unknown.
Did you know you are more likely to die from being crushed under a falling vending machine than you are to be killed by a shark? Did you know elephants and tigers kill more people per year than sharks? Did you know that several of the species listed in the image above have never killed human beings?
Sharks are heading for extinction at the hands of human beings. They are persecuted by the ignorant. Our oceans provide more oxygen than all of Earth’s rainforests combined, and wiping out the top predator from such a delicate ecosystem is going to result in our own extinction in a very short period of time.
So you should damn well care.


A shark gives a diver a high-five. Eli Martinez was interacting with the lemon shark in the balmy waters off the coast of The Bahamas. Eli, who works as the editor of Shark Diving magazine, said: “This particular shark I had encountered before. She is very laid-back so I knew if I held my hand out she would come over. At first she was swimming straight towards me, but I didn’t expect her to turn at the last moment. She tapped my palm with her fin like we were high-five-ing.” Picture: CATERS NEWS

This is why sharks are so goddamn awesome.

they hate doing stories about Harvard~

#why wasn’t there more chris #he was cute and he liked sharks #like fuck you facemash #shark week’s on #i don’t need your shit right now mark there are some fucking great whites to be seen #the fucking gall of this guy man #trying to get between me and my sharks #fuck you mark i’m gonna go work for obama

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