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i love this so much, Martin is laughing in the background because Benedict overacted his line in this particular shoot


it wasn’t rehearsed like that so it caught him completely off guard


and i’m not sure who’s facial expression i love more



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Sherlock hunting down John’s birth certificate is so much


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why did you never feel pain ?

#That’s the difference right there #that’s the difference between Sherlock and Moriarty #that Sherlock grew up with ordinary parents who loved him #with a brother who adored him and protected him #and now with John and Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and Molly and Mary people who befriended him #he knew what it was like to feel to care and to be hurt #and Moriarty never did because he was truly a psychopath #And finally we see how deeply Sherlock felt it all #and so in his last moments he wanted to bury it away and decided to go into the same cage that Moriarty was in # that impenetrable cell of numbness #but he couldn’t do it #he couldn’t #because the moment he realised John needed him #HE FELT #more than pain #he felt LOVE #and it saved him #that’s why Moriarty could never be saved (via riveralwaysknew)



sure moriarty was technically worse since he did actually kill people but that’s not going to stop me from hating charles augustus magnussen more than any other character who has ever appeared on this show

because moriarty might be voldemort, but magnussen is umbridge



I keep seeing gifs and caps from that scene in Sherlock where he says “Who can you only kill at a wedding?” and then I think of GOT and just laugh.