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Important Things!

Guys, Did You Notice This?




Notice where Sokka is sitting.

Council in present day:

And what is right underneath where he used to sit?

((Boomerang, you really do come back!))

it must have been placed there when he died, as a memorial

being a cashier is not a good job for a writer

i have so many things i want to write

which includes a fic where a sex tape is leaked of Mark and two unidentified men in a D/s environment. Mark hadn’t consented to being filmed, however, so it turns into non-consent, and Chris and Dustin are on a rampage. And Eduardo gets involved because, yeah, you don’t just see that happening to your former best friend and not do anything. You just don’t. (And he’d been worrying wondering about the bruises for a while.)




Ok, as much as Hamsterball!Thor cracks me the fuck up, this scene, right here is just heartbreaking.

Despite all his talk about Loki being “Beyond reason”, it’s very clear up to this point that Thor really has no idea just how far Loki has gone over the edge.   Part of it is blindness, part of it is the fact that they’re both gods and have a sense of morality that is more than slightly alien to us.  (View the end of Thor for a good example - Loki is actively trying to kill him and Thor’s treating it like a tantrum from a housepet)

Up to this point in the movie, Thor’s been very much “Oh Loki, dumbass, taking over a mortal world, I’m gonna take you home and spank you”  And for his part, Loki himself has not yet struck out at Thor.  Thor’s pretty much still convinced that his brother is only being used, manipulated, that someone got hold of him in a moment of madness and weakness, and if they can undo this, then it can all be made right again.

Prior to this, Thor doesn’t really see the aftermath of Loki’s violence.  Arguably, his arrival was when faced with a threat.  And well, he easily could have taken apart both Steve and Tony, and the fact that he allowed himself to be captured, well, that meant there was some part of him still there that wanted help.  That needed it.  There’s a disconnected sense of a game being played, that Loki is not in his right mind, but he can be reached. He can be saved.  Mortals are just being used as chess pieces in a tantrum of epic proportions.  And even when trapping Thor in his cell there’s a giggling light in his eyes, it’s a game, just a game, Thor gets angry, Loki titters and they dance again.

Then Loki murders a man in front of him without a word - in fact, with relish.   And Thor begins to realise how wrong he is.

It’s not just manipulation. It’s not just Loki being used.  Loki has damned himself, and is embracing his damnation willingly.  He is not a victim. He is not fighting it. He is running to it, wholeheartedly and with delight.  Their brotherhood means nothing.  All the years are gone.   He doesn’t want to be saved.

This is not the Loki he knows.

This is not a Loki he can save.

This is a man who would kill the one who was raised with him as brother. And do it without a second thought.

And the last thing Thor sees before Loki presses the button is that face - not broken, not mocking, not pleading, not even filled with hate. There is no passion, no emotion, not even a glimmer of satisfaction.  Just the curious gaze of a scientist watching something on the other end of a microscope.  Of a man who would kill his own kin just to see if he could.

sdfkljsdlfj and then you have Thor’s next scene, after he escapes the hamsterball of doom, standing over Mjolnir and hesitating. Knowing that if he picks it up, it’ll be to use it against his own brother. Knowing now that Loki has to be stopped at all costs, and for the first time really admitting to himself that the only way to do that might be to kill him.

sobbing ugh why


I had the craziest dream last night, about a boy who helped create Facebook. But his prince betrays him, so he sues him.