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Yoshida, the truth is that I’m a coward so I’m not good at keeping my heart steady. But you very easily thrust yourself into the bottom of my heart so just like now, you always allow me to feel as if I’m soaring into the heavens.

updated diahonmei yey!


Aitsuno Daihonmei

Happy since the last update was October 2010. Say this is the weirdest shounen ai I’ve read…Ask why? Because you’ll find the ugliest uke in BL history…;)And normally no one likes that. But you can’t help liking Yoshida once you started reading this…

Sorry, guys, but those chapters weren’t supposed to be updated on Mangafox at all. If you want, Zama and I have released the chapters on our scanlation site and daihonmei, both LJ groups that you have to join to gain access to download them. You’ll be able to download them as soon as we release them there.

Please understand, this isn’t to prevent anyone from reading it. We simply want to protect ourselves against any legal issues the publishers may take. This way, if Zama were to receive a Cease and Desist letter, we can pull the chapters as soon as possible.

New chapter!

The Volume 5: Chapter 3 raw and summary has been released on the LiveJournal comm here. You’ll have to sign up and join to see it, but enjoy~

For people waiting for an Aitsu update:

Zama’s (the translator and typesetter for AnD) laptop broke, so she won’t be able to release the chapter for a few more days. But it’s been cleaned and is ready to go, all it needs it so be typeset and released!

For more updates and releases, join our scanlation comm:


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30 Day Yaoi Challenge - Day 2

Favorite yaoi manga.

Favorite short story: Bokurani Matsuwaru Etc

More precisely, chapters 3-4. This little story is so dear to me that I can’t explain it. Not only do I continue to re-read it constantly, but every time I find something new that I love. Kyuugou is my favorite mangaka, and this is where it started. I’ve read countless BL manga, but none as precise and wonderful as this. It’s the simplicity that I love.

Favorite series: Aitsu no Daihonmei

This is the first and probably only BL series I will ever adore so much. All the rest have come and gone with no continued heartache over them. This manga has me rabid with adoration. It’s fun, it’s different, it appeals to people tired with the same old scenario, but not too tired to make fun of it a little.

Also, Tsuyako. I’ve never had a ladycrush from a BL manga before her.

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