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Important Things!


andrew was wearing a worldwide orphans foundation t-short on ellen, for those wondering. that’s what that name tag-looking thing says, WWO.

(Source: maryjanewtson)



nah it came with the beard

assholes: andrew needs to shave that beard its so gross!!!!

same assholes: women shouldnt have 2 shave if they dont want to!!!!


pretty soon andrew garfield is just gonna give up on society altogether and venture off into the wilderness where he will forage and live among the animals who will more than happily take him in because they will see his fur and believe him to be their brethren it may be a difficult winter ahead but at least they will have each other



#just try to compose yourself andrew get it together there are cameras around why are there so many people in here and why is jesse sitting behind me and not in my lap somebody is going to get killed for this i don’t know who yet but i’m not a batshit insane bambi serial killer for nothing so i will find a way to have my vengence i mean they could have at least put jesse in front of me so i could stare at the back of his head and rub his back when the cameras weren’t on us oh why is life so hard someone will die by axe for this