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Also. When I lived in Vancouver and met them a couple of times I could actually see how close they were. They would come into the coffee shop I worked in and sit together and laugh and Jared would always touch Jensens back or try and put extra sugar in his coffee when he wasn’t looking. And Jensen would ALWAYS hold the door open for Jared. I dunno. Their friendship is amazing.


dis was all that I saw…

One of the things about being an actor is that you are only as good as the actor you play against. So you can only react to someone that brings something from you. Our chemistry as buddies came as soon as we met each other, we were like we got each other, we got along immediately. There was trust there and it showed in our acting roles. I’d come to the set to do a scene and I was like ‘wow, he can play!’ so I kicked it up a notch. If it weren’t for Jensen I would play a different Sam. And he was also the same, Jensen would play a different Dean.

Jared Padalecki - jibcon 2012 M&G (via unwrittenme)     

Jensen bemoaned that he and Jared have “…been together way too long. The fact that we’re wearing the same shirt today….he showed up this morning and I said ‘dude, really?’”

jibcon 2012 (via unwrittenme)

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He’s like a brother and I love him … We understand each other, even if we look at each other in silence. He sweats a lot and I’m like a mother worried he’ll get sick so I wipe his sweat with a towel I carry around on set. He also eats a lot and usually they close the food area during certain times of the day and sometimes I have my leftovers and I give it to him. I have his back like he has mine. I just wish he was shorter.

Jensen Ackles on how he would explain Jared (JIB, 2012)

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