Hello! My name is Nykolle. You can call me that, doodle, or anything you deem suitable.

This is mostly a multi-fandom blog, mixed with things I find amusing/interesting. I take no responsibility for the terror your eyes will undoubtedly witness here. Feel free to chat with me or ask any kind of questions! I am not shy and am willing to help to the best of my abilities. The bolded is what I am reblogging most at this time of year.

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Important Things!

they hate doing stories about Harvard~

#why wasn’t there more chris #he was cute and he liked sharks #like fuck you facemash #shark week’s on #i don’t need your shit right now mark there are some fucking great whites to be seen #the fucking gall of this guy man #trying to get between me and my sharks #fuck you mark i’m gonna go work for obama

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#omg armie what did you do to andrew’s family #HE WILL COME AFTER YOU #HE WILL AVENGE THEM

#come at me garfield #your arms are the noodles i eat with spaghetti





why did i make this

why didn’t you make it sooner?

this is what it looks like when I join a fandom

this is what it looks like when I join a fandom

this is what it looks like when I join a fandom

#gay lawyers in a polyamorous relationship au