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It's war out there, Sister.

I came back as fast as I could.


Do you think that ALL the trueborn Starks have very big political roles to play in the future of their House?
Well I’ve got the meta graphic for you.
Sansa and the Vale: 
One of the most interesting things about the Vale right now is that it is in very many ways like Sansa herself: outwardly, it is a bastion of Andal values and culture, but its most powerful houses have strong First Men identities, including the Royces, Redforts and Tollets. “Andal (Tully) on the outside, First Men (Stark) on the inside.”
1. The Royces motto: “We Remember.” Who else feels that the fact that it was Waymar Royce who we first see fight the Others is a bit of foreshadowing?
2. And that one of Jon’s closes companions on the Wall is Edd Tollet, the Tollets being sworn to House Royce. The Tollets’ motto: “When All is Darkest.”
3. The Royces, Redforts and Waynwoods all wanted to join Robb Stark, and it’s obvious in the text that they strongly suspect who “Alayne” actually is.
4. The Iron Throne is weak and has no capable regent now.
5. With Stannis’s survival chances looking bad, and Rickon and/or Bran about to reappear, the Lords of the Vale might see a chance to rebel again for the Starks, with Sansa as their rally point and one her brothers as their king. Especially if it’s a way to be rid of the hated Petyr Baelish.
Arya and the Nymeria Myth
1. A theory about how Arya will fulfill the Nymeria Myth
2. Arya goes to the Wall, and after it falls she leads the wildlings and northerners south to safety, possibly with the help her direwolf.
3. OR possibly a combination of both
Bran Stark and The Tree-net
1. Tree-God-King.
2. Rickon would assumedly tell the Manderlys that his brother was alive the last time he knew. Bran might just tell them with a raven, because ravens once spoke the messages after the Pact was made.
3. That’s pretty much all of it.
4.Ace-in-the-hole, tbh
Rickon and Skagos.
1. The Skagosi probably can’t muster much more than 2000-2500 men (maybe more with spearwives, as the much larger mountain clans only fielded 3500), but that still makes them one of the largest organized forces remaining in the North.
2. Like the Mountain clans, the Skagosi probably will decide that it’s better to go south to war rather than freeze and starve. Rather than be hostile, Rickon actually could be a meal ticket.


Fact One: Arianne Martell is a character whose main storyline so far revolved around her fear of being overlooked as heir to Dorne in favour of her younger brother.

Fact Two: D&D have rewritten Arianne’s younger brother so he is now heir instead of her. They also seem to be planning to give him Arianne’s role in A Feast for Crows, and may not include her character altogether.

Fact Three: D&D do not understand irony.






they would have went overboard if they actually brought dire wolves. Go big or go home


I don’t like Game of Thrones and I’m scared of toddlers and even I thought this was adorable.