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maybe this time…

I have a strong impression I like hurting myself.
Because I feel like Tahno would have a lot of nightmares about Amon and what happened on the pro-bending arena, just like Korra and Bolin had. And every time he wakes up, for a little second he thinks that was just a bad dream.
But then he remembers it wasn’t. it happened. and then… he just goes, and checks. every possible time..
I just have a lot of feelings about Tahno okay


“You didn’t know  my father. He was cold, calculating, never told me he loved me, didn’t even tell me that he liked me.”

Thor now calls Loki “Broki.”Loki then proceeds to blow up like a little shit and fuck everything up 

Repress/Deny: the self-defense mechanisms were strong with this one…


Cas: I can’t face what I did, so I will disengage and take refuge in dissociation.

Dean: I can’t deal with how broken my friend is and I feel responsible and guilty, so I will disengage and take refuge in repression.

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Jesse Eisenberg is going to have another play produced by Rattlestick! 

The nominees for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play are Christian Borle, Michael Cumpsty, Tom Edden, Andrew Garfield, and Jeremy Shamos.

He’s like a brother and I love him … We understand each other, even if we look at each other in silence. He sweats a lot and I’m like a mother worried he’ll get sick so I wipe his sweat with a towel I carry around on set. He also eats a lot and usually they close the food area during certain times of the day and sometimes I have my leftovers and I give it to him. I have his back like he has mine. I just wish he was shorter.

Jensen Ackles on how he would explain Jared (JIB, 2012)

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