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Important Things!

salma hayek - from dusk till dawn






Don’t bring this man around yo gurl bruh

Gahdamn! I wasn’t ready for any part of this gif.

Give me strength.

Love this dude~

Came across this sweatshirt on FOC and absolutely had to share it!
I hate hearing “You’re so pretty for a big girl.” Is that even a compliment? So, what you’re saying is that my beauty is conditional?Anyway, I love that this sweatshirt is calling people out on that “compliment.” Any chance the sweatshirts have a big FU on the back? LOL
Also, how good do the models look? #flawless They’re so pretty. period. 




is shut the fuck up an acceptable answer for an algebra problem

people really have issues with algebra?


bitch ill algebreak ur neck

(Source: odumb)

if you guys think liking a guy isn’t easy when they do cute things thEN DO NOT ACTUALLY GET WITH THAT GUY BECAUSE IT GETS SO MUCH WORSE OKAY

me: You’re goofy and it’s great okay. Whoo! Good. I can’t believe you paid for music. Now you’ll never have to again~

Nyan: I know, im so happy :D i cant believe what ive been missing out on this whole time!

me: Quit being adorable. It’s not fair. >:c

Nyan: so i got so excited that i got a text, i reached over to grab my phone without looking and knocked over my glass of coke i just filled up. mother fucker :/ lol

It is. That seriously made my whole week by your showing me that and putting Word on my computer. I am happy :)

me: -complains about being wet and cold-

Nyan: Should I come and save you? Were you out in the rain?

me: -complains more-

Nyan: What do you mean? From where? How long were you outside?

me: -asdhjaskd and explains and hopes he’s warm-

Nyan: Take a warm shower.

me: no i have to move then, let me steal your warmth /jokes

Nyan: I would help you out but im not sure its safe to drive



At least they got his ass right (Taken with Instagram)