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Mrs fields jesus christ

the only truth is beef bowls

Even if this isn’t real it still got a really nice laugh from me. Lmao!
Especially since it spelled out my favorite reason for eating at Five Guys. xD

Seven devils all around you Seven devils in my house See, they were there when I woke up this morning And I’ll be dead before the day is done 

“So none of it was true?”
“Nope! It was always me. And honestly I’m a little disappointed, I thought it would take a genius like you way less time”
“But why? Why all of them? Why him?”
“Because I like playing with my food”

Eduardo first sees the boy during middle school. 
Eduardo is there to whisper into the ear of a teacher who thinks about rebuffing the advances of one of his students. Eduardo tell him not to break the poor girl’s heart, that she is lonely after her parents’ divorce and just needs someone to make her feel loved. 
People fall so easily. They are waiting to be seduced, walk right up to the edge like lambs to the slaughter.
And there is this boy. Pale skin, curly hair, huge blue eyes, young enough to still have some baby fat, like a cherub about to grow out of his innocence.
Which they did, cherubs, same as all angel. Grow up that is. Only some of them fall in the process but those who fall do so spectacularly.
Where did you think Eduardo comes from.
So there’s this boy.
And Eduardo feels his fingers itch just looking at him.
Out of place, younger and smaller and cleverer than his class mates, either overlooked or frowned upon. Desperate to show them all, desperate to prove himself and be seen,
with the air of a misunderstood martyr-to-be already building up around him.
Fun fact about martyrs: it’s what you call the handful of sinners who die trying to redeem themselves.
Even more fun fact about martyrs: supernatural administration is just like human red tape – always lagging behind: No one ever bothered to count the number of sinners who died, were processed and sent to hell, only to then be declared redeemed when it was already too late and they were on their way down.
Eduardo looks at the boy (who is so pure, still so pure) and decides then and there that he’ll love the boy and the boy won’t be able to do anything but to love Eduardo back, desperately. Then he’ll drop fortune into the boy’s lap, lean back and watch love and ambition wage war inside the boy’s chest until they push him over the edge, and ironically it’ll be deciding against a demon what will doom him.
Eduardo will love the boy just as desperately of course. He’ll love and adore and hate and loath and despise… the so-called lower feelings give him such a high. 
His kind isn’t meant to feel so strongly. At least that’s what they told him when they cut his wings and threw him out.
Well, now hungrily devouring whichever emotion he can get is all Eduardo has left to fill his existence and there’s no reason not to indulge himself.
The boy will fall, and Eduardo will be at his back, by his side, opposite him all the way and watch.



“what is this.. pain in my chest?”

said the shoujo manga character after knowing someone for 2 days

“what is this.. pain in my butt?”

said the yaoi manga character after two chapters


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Oh hey legs McGee http://flpbd.it/z5GpK

how you doin..;)

Jesse: How old are you?
Andrew: Seventeen.
Jesse: How long have you been seventeen?
Andrew: A while.





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guys what’s happening

g u y s.



Wow, Netflix always knows what I’d like to watch