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omg This is the commission Black did for me and I basically gave them nothing to work with but gibberish and it came out perfectly and how do they do that I mean reading my mind because it’s exactly what I wanted and asdfghjkl; how do i words
And now I need to compose a thank you reply without sounding like a deranged idiot. Welp, already failed. I’ll never be able to express my love properly. OTL
and still the blush remains

Who is having a birthday today, and I wanted to make something for them but I’m bad at everything so I did this. asldknas;d I wanted to draw a cake, but then I wanted to do crossdressing instead. :| Because I have a fondness for traps.
And then Black said this.

so yeah that’s that story
HAVE AN EXCELLENT DAY. <333 Or at least have guilt-free cake idk it’s what I do.
Also, drawing circles is hard so I gave up on that and have been drawing their faces as ovals and squares now instead.
Yeah that’s a Lilligant. idk idk

Title: Wisps
Pairing: N/Touya
Summary: After months, Touya finally decides to track down his boyfriend.

Yeah, so kissing is the closest thing I’ll ever write to porn for these two. I can’t help it. Also, my attention span is short.

It’s half past ten in the morning and the clouds are blocking whatever specks of sun that would have managed to make it through the curtains. The room smells like the linger of smoke, and even worse, it looks like the last person that occupied it obviously had no respect for the landlords that owned the place. It doesn’t seem dirty at least, just a bit defiled from holes in the walls and dingy curtains. The carpet has stains on it, and the bed sheets have been kicked off because of their suspicions about those, too.

However, Touya doesn’t mind any of these things as much as he does the lock of hair sticking to his face from sweat. As much as he wants to sweep it away, he wants even less to let go of his hold on the bony shoulders in his grasp. It would mean nothing to anyone else, but no one knows what he had to do in order to get in this position. N isn’t used to—and therefore dislikes—human contact. He’s never had it, never got used to it and is awkward whenever anything comes to it.

Right now, Touya is reluctant to do anything but. Travelling to a foreign region and stumbling around for months just to get a glimpse of your absentee boyfriend will do that to you. It’s worth it, but if N thinks he’s getting away without some form of touching he’s more misguided than he’d originally thought. Of course, this wasn’t Touya’s intention at first, but as soon as he’d grasped the lapels of N’s soaking wet jacket and dragged him to god knows where, he knew it would lead to this.

The funny part is they haven’t actually done anything. For once, N didn’t say a thing to him. He just let Touya rent a cheap hotel room, strip him down to nothing but a loose shirt and sweat pants, and then lay him down on the bed they now lay. Touya had been enjoying himself by burying his face in N’s neck. It was strangely comforting along with the warmth in the  tangle of their legs.

A few times N tried to wiggle out of the grasp after being stiff for a good two hours, but after he figured out he wasn’t going anyway, he went limp and let Touya do what he wanted.

“You’re a dick,” Touya breathes quietly. He can’t gauge N’s reaction, but he doesn’t really care.

“I know,” N says, a few beats too late. Seconds later, the first sheets of rain start to patter against the windows.

“Why’d you leave?” Touya asks, apprehension slipping into his tone despite his best efforts. It comes out sounding just a little bit choked.

N doesn’t reply, but his breathing breaks rhythm.

Despite being older, N reminds him of a child. Not in the way he spoke or even his gestures, it was the way he reacted to everything. He runs away, pretends not to hear as if it’ll go away if he ignores it long enough.

Touya keeps his shifting as slight as his breathing, and lifts his chin in time with his inhalation in order not to startle N. Slowly he presses an open-mouthed kiss on N’s neck, whose reaction is to stiffen his body and press the palm of his hand against the bed, getting ready to push away. Touya only wraps his arms around him tighter.

“You know, it wasn’t until you were gone for seven months that I realized I cared about it.”

“About what…?”

“The fact that I wanted to kiss you.”


It takes forever, but N finally wraps his arms around Touya.

He sighs and decides to enjoy the smell of smoke a bit longer.

By すぐる@ついった
you knocked off his hat n what are you doing you’ve gone too far 
he likes it when he liberates his pokemon
hi this is what i do at 1 am
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Is “Must Have Done Something Right” a good enough song for an Isshushipping fanvid?

"We should get jersies, because we make a good team
Every day I spend with you, is a new best day of my life
If anyone could make me a better person, you could.”

I know I just did a song by Relient K, but… I’ve had it on reply all day and I can’t help but think it’d be fun to pan shit to that beat. But still. Wondering if there’s any better songs.


Fic: Lazy Afternoons



N doesn’t know what to do. Currently, there are a number of plausible actions he could do, some of which include throwing a tantrum and running away, but he’s tired, has the arms of a Frillish and there’s something moderately heavy in his lap.

“Nng,” said moderately heavy thing mumbles when he twitches his leg in an attempt to escape.

The sound that escapes N’s lips is low and pathetic.

 “Touya…” he whispers meekly.

Though the carpet below them is plush and he’s able to almost twine his fingers through it, his ass still hurts from sitting so long. Accompanied by the additional weight that Touya’s bony figure gives, he’s unable to sit comfortably. So, he’s left to either sit back on the palms of his hands uncomfortably, or lean over Touya.

Not wanting to deal with a sore back and buttocks, he goes for the latter choice. He’s then faced with another difficult option.

To sweep maiden bangs aside, or not to sweep maiden bangs aside?

N finds it impossible to have softer, girlier hair than his own when he wears it in a ponytail all day, but Touya manages it nicely. N likes staring at his hair sometimes, partly because he doesn’t want to get caught staring at Touya’s face, but also because he’d have a hard time not staring at it without an excuse to begin with.

He finds himself dusting his hands lightly across the strands caught on Touya’s nose, before thinking that he has a right to touch whatever may lie on his lap anyway. He’s the one going through the physical trauma. The least Touya could do is lend him his hair to touch.

So, N brushes away the hair blocking Touya’s face, knocking off his hat during the process. He puts it beside his own, next to the low-risen table’s leg while he swipes his own hair out of the way. Touya doesn’t so much as twitch, just continues to breathe in and out lightly as N leans in closer.

Eventually, N finds his lips grazing Touya’s forehead, leading to his temples and down the bridge of his nose. Unlike his own, it’s perfect and straight, while his has a slight crease in it due to tree-climbing when he was younger. Despite its lack of character like his own, N lingers there, slowly planting kisses up and down longer than any other facial feature of Touya’s.

Just when N feels like he could do this forever and never tire of it, warm fingers slide into the hair at the nape of his neck, and N is being tugged down. He flails momentarily, not sure if this is an act he wants or not, or what even in the world is going on, but soon calms down when Touya smiles at his reaction.

“Oh,” he mumbles onto Touya’s lips, deflating. “You’re heavy.”

“And you have a nose fetish,” Touya retorts. “Freak.”

N’s happy with that label if it gives him an excuse to indulge more on lazy afternoons.

(Ohey, have a larger image: http://i56.tinypic.com/246t7as.jpg)
I share it because it broke my heart. Probably translated wrong but IDEC. Go and look at the original! The emotional impact is much better.
(そうじゃない「サヨナラ」って言えよ is apparently two sentences that means “It’s not that. Say goodbye.” but idek, just enjoy the pretty.)
Touya, y u look so girly?
askfgd; Why so presh.

So the song “Magic” just came on. The line “I got the magic in me” caught my attention…

And I got the ridiculously true and canon notion that N would totally say that if he and Touya were to ever copulate.

Guys, what if I commissioned Black to draw N saying that to Touya in an ambiguously gay way?

What. if.

Or maybe N would make Touya say that to him. Hurr durr.

The art of N-persuasion was a difficult beast to tame, Touya thought. If you wanted someone as stubborn and nit-picky as N to try something new, you had to practically force it on him. Sure, the guy traveled all across Unova searching for a mythical dragon Pokémon, but from what Touya could surmise, he must have walked in a completely straight, flat line to get there, because the guy wouldn’t even try Mediterranean food, let alone climb freaking mountains, or try on some new gloves.
“If you don’t wear them, your hands will freeze.”
“Says who?”
Touya was now considering it a feat that he’d managed to get a scarf around the idiot’s neck, but he had the suspicious that it may have to do with the fact that they were matching. It was as creepy as it were endearing.
Finally having enough of his nonsense, Touya grabbed N’s wrist, shoved one warm glove on and stepped back, causing snowflakes to fall into his face, to observe N’s reaction. N, in turn, scrunched his brows and looked to Touya for his.
“Warm now?” Touya asked, waving the unused glove for emphasis.
“Yeah, but…” N trailed, looking at his other hand forlornly. He flexed and turned it for a moment, before going back to staring at his gloved hand.
When he finally reached a conclusion, N scooted forward on the bench his bottom was planted on and grabbed for Touya’s hand. When their bare palms were successfully closed together, fingers tangled messily, N relaxed and sat back.
“Now I’m warmer,” he claimed with a grin.
Touya’s skin crawled in paranoia for a moment, so he looked around to make sure no one was in the immediate vicinity to witness Touya’s mental breakdown. Breakdown, because he was sure the metal Kinklang’s in his head must have stopped turning and started a meltdown. His entire face and neck were on fire with no hope of cooling any time soon, while N looked on cheerily.
Quickly, Touya slid his palm from N’s own and wrapped his fingers around N’s slim wrist, capturing it there long enough for him to slip the other glove on without much protest, as if N had suddenly become a sated kitten. When he’d finally accomplished what he set out to do, Touya stared victoriously at N, trying to look smug, but instead it ended up looking flustered.
N looked at his hands, unimpressed by the little warmth they provided, before he noticed Touya’s face so close to his. Confused, he looked up to see Touya’s scrunched, flushed face.
Before either of them knew it, Touya was leaning in, kissing N awkwardly, and then stomping away as dignified as any man could through two feet of packing snow.