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Jesse was so nervous of this scene. He is so stupid because he is so good in it. He felt so under-prepared and he was so angry with himself and I think it was lovely because there was a real kind of support that we had for each other in this scene. In between takes he’d be really kind of nervous about messing up and he wanted to get it absolutely right, but I think his anger towards himself was nicely translated to his anger at me. And then on my side of it, he kept on giving me these wonderful little ad-libs for me to react to for the last part of the scene where he, you now, I think at one point I made him say: “I love you, you’re my best friend. Come, we’ll get married, and we’ll live in a house together.” Just to kind of like give me that right kind of reaction for the end of this scene. And he really generously, you know, embarrassingly told me how much he adored me. It was really nice. For this last bit.

#some days #when I think about the fact that #the words #I love you #Let’s get married #We’ll live in a house together #were spoken #out loud #by Jesse #to Andrew #and that is something that just happened in this life #and is real#when i think about that - it makes me want to remove my internal organs with a set of rusty pliers

I hope everybody appreciates how straight Jesse’s hair is here. I cannot tell you the amount of time we spent on Jesse’s hair. Cos Jesse has a big…fantastic New York curly-fro and he loved it that way. It took weeks and weeks of technicians from beauty schools all over the country to help figure out how to make his hair straight. He looks great.

Producer Bobby Cohen on Jesse’s straight hair in Now You See Me (via emlary)     


My biggest problem is that I can’t tell when Jesse Eisenberg has new interviews out because he’s had the same shirt on for the past three years.


Jesse in Greenwich Village today (May 26)

When he started elementary school, Jesse struggled to fit in with his classmates. He’d cry every day and once locked his mom in a closet at his school so she wouldn’t leave without him.

Tricky Business: Jesse Eisenberg makes magic in ‘Now You See Me’ (via mrjesseeisenberg)