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W Magazine: Have you ever had a stressful airport security encounter in real life?
Jesse Eisenberg: I never get stopped. I probably couldn’t look more harmless if I wore a ballet outfit. Which I normally travel in anyway, of course.

#is it just me or does it totally look like colin is making weird dinosaur claw hand gestures at jesse #and jesse is like kind of wrapping his arms around himself and leaning back #because ‘mr firth i know you’re an academy award winner but you look like a predator’ #’i am uncomfortable in this situation’ #’tell me where i can find cats to adopt pls just let me leave mr firth’ #’i really liked you in the king’s speech but your hand is the size of my face so i’m scared’ #’there’s only one pair of british hands i want near me oh wait i’ve said too much CAN I GO HOME’

#you are probably going to be a very successful actor. but you’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re awkward. and i want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. it’ll be because you’re a goddamn fucking tease.

  #HE IS NOT THAT MAN #OH MY GAWD #THAT CAT #abraham pls #and his cat goes #and says #bitch please #bitch you got that? #i am convinced this is jesse eisenberg’s cat #i am not that man #it looks at you like #when jesse runs into abraham







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#jesse ‘my preference for cats has been highly exaggerated’ eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg’s audition tape for Jersey Shore, Pt. I