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THE PERFECT MAN → he has strong well built hands, flawless flowing hair, drop dead gorgeous eyes and a face of a god, a strong jawline, an amazing sense of style, and goes by the name Jesse Adam Eisenberg.

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#an amazing sense of style #the man has three shirts and a red baseball cap

Jesse Eisenberg, who learned to pilot a pedicab for the low-budget flick “The Living Wake,” turns the tables and rides in one with Talk of the Town’s Lizzie Widdicombe. Mostly he discusses his own awkwardness and talks to the pedicab driver, Oz, a Turkish integral calculus teacher. The actor doesn’t demonstrate his pedaling skills at all; instead, he mostly lists the skills he doesn’t possess - math, kissing girls during his preadolescent years, going to birthday parties, understanding what teenage fans are shouting at him, interacting socially. The ride is more revealing than [Charlotte] Ronson’s, mainly because Eisenberg mentions that he ended up in a mental hospital while still in middle school. Non-pedicab-riding rubes will be interested to learn that rides cost two bucks per block … but Eisenberg, whom we now want to indoctrinate into the world of kissing girls and going to birthday parties, pays Oz 75.

Susannah Long on Jesse Eisenberg, May 25th, 2010 (via xx-rapunzel-xx)     



#baby you light up my life like nobody else #the way that you adopt cats’s got me overwhelmed #when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell #you don’t know o o o #you don’t know you’re beautiful
INTERVIEWER: The last time I cried...
JESSE: Yesterday. I cry daily any time I see my body naked in its entirety – usually when I'm in a shower.

Jesse Eisenberg: People on the street sometimes will say mean things to me. I get called Napoleon Dynamite because I have curly hair. I live in New York City and I ride a bicycle. I always bike down 9th Avenue and there’s this kid who goes to school there named Abraham. Every time I pass him, he calls me Napoleon Dynamite. He screams it out and his friends laugh. That was a fine movie but I wasn’t in it. I say, “Please Abraham. I’m not that man.”


#god i hope i didn’t talk to him so long i know how andrew gets when i talk to someone too long let me check and see where he is #shit he’s probably already out sharpening knives