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May I have a look alike please? (All three would be lovely!)
There’s actually four but I guess you want it all so here it goes haha :)Your princess look alike is Snow White!
Your villain look alike is Vanessa!
Your fairy look alike is Rosetta!
Your animal look alike is Dinah!
I hope you like it!Btw you are really pretty! ♥Have a nice day and believe in your dreams!   
If you want a Disney look alike, just submit your picture here

Ahhh thank you so much! (: I am very happy with Dinah especially. And oh gosh, thank ya! c:


going to a resort this weekend for an orgy. awwww yeahhhhhh, living the life.

I know I haven’t addressed it yet or replied to the messages I received (because I want to keep them), but thank you to everyone who sent me messages, or even kept me in their thoughts when I was having issues. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

why does my boyfriend have to be so emotionally constipated

why do i have to be such a mess

why do we care about each other at all

*rubs face with palms*

maybe because i love him, and he cares about me a lot “if not more than that” and is willing to forgive me for cheating on him with his best friend and my relapse with alcohol and calling him names

and i’m trying my hardest just to get him to open up to me. maybe that’s why i lash out, because i feel like our relationship is emotionally stagnate and going nowhere

but he finally did open up to me a little today, and i feel like i know him a little bit more. i have solved a row of the rubix cube. he has little ways of showing how he cares, and i can’t compare what he does to other relationships. most boyfriends would change their phone background to their girlfriend’s picture. nyan would not normally, but he has, and he has for a long time now.

at least now i know we’re both willing to forgive each other for doing terrible things. we don’t want to give each other up. and that’s nice to know.

so this is officially the worst week of my life

i drank, had sex with my boyfriend’s best friend, and attempted suicide

i am a horrible person. of course, i already knew that, but now i’ve proven it.

real moment

i had my bf watch anchorman and had him take a drink for every misogynistic comment/action

he was drunk before half of the movie was even over

So my boyfriend’s best friend is a grade-a douchebag. We were all having dinner at Olive Garden and he plain out said that he doesn’t like hanging out with women if they’re not attractive. He won’t even hang out with a girl that traveled 1000 miles just to visit him for 5 days when he was in training.

I’ve talked to two of his other friends, and yeah, we all agree that he’s looking for a brainless trophy wife that he can show off.

He’s in the air force.

He gets irritated when women in the air force are stronger/better than him.

He refuses to watch The Hunger Games because he “knows” he could kick Katniss’s ass.

I don’t have to deal with him very often anymore because he only comes back every 3-6 months, but jfc. This dude’s head is so far up his ass that he can probably see last night’s dinner.

Okay, rant over. But in all honestly, I wish I could pull Katniss out of fiction and recruit her to kick his ass. If I didn’t have noodles for arms, I’d do it myself.

(And if any woman ever denies the existence of misogyny, I will point them to this douchecanoe, who won’t even register their existence unless they have zero flaws and think of him as a god.)

so last year when i began college i tried to be a social butterfly

and ended up hating school altogether

so now i just go to class with my default resting face which looks like if you so much as look at me i will murder you and i actually love going to class now

moral of the story: do what makes you comfortable in your learning environment (without being a complete dick, of course), not what you think is expected of you

I want to hang out with my friends, but lately I can’t even find the enthusiasm to get out of bed… asdjghaskjdk This is so frustrating.

wait i don’t have buttons wei

okay so i’ve had strep for a week now and people know it hurts a shit ton to talk aND THEY WON’T STOP TALKING TO ME AND ASKING ME QUESTIONS


I walked to my mom’s camp site about a mile down the road barefoot (initially a bad idea). I used to run over the ridges in my back yard barefoot all the time about two years ago, so I forgot my feet weren’t as tough as they used to be.

When I got back home, I realized that most of the dead skin on my heels had been taken off from the gravel and hard ground. So the blisters are totally worth it haha

like okay so

i never really knew what it was like to have a best friend physically (i’ve had so many loving friends over the internet that i know what it’s like emotionally though)

so having someone that will drive 2 hours just because they want to cuddle with you quite frequently kind of just makes me so happy that i get a headache

Going to Nyan’s dorm again next Thursday

Even more excited because I get to go visit my dad in the hospital. It’s pretty far away, so I don’t get to see him often. And then my mom, a friend, and I are going to swing by his town to go bowling. And if his new roomie is amiable, I’ll get to spend a couple nights with him.