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This is mostly a multi-fandom blog, mixed with things I find amusing/interesting. I take no responsibility for the terror your eyes will undoubtedly witness here. Feel free to chat with me or ask any kind of questions! I am not shy and am willing to help to the best of my abilities. The bolded is what I am reblogging most at this time of year.

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Important Things!

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And I owe you so much.

Even though the anime ver has its own faults and whatnot, i still think the anime production staff and the seiyuus did a good job. Thank you bringing No. 6 to life!
I’d still be drawing No. 6 occasionally lol since there’s still the manga and the novel translations on going, so it’s not exactly over and whatnot. 

For Avali. This is loooong overdue, but girl, you have been nothing but kind to me since day one. You are a wonderful, intelligent, and thoughtful person, and your work is so unbelievably gorgeous and inspiring to me; you deserve much more than I can give you! But I told myself I would draw you some Thor, and so I did — I’m just sorry it came out so depressing. ;; Much love, bb. ♥

Top 20 Favorite Anime Characters
1.Edward Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA: Brotherhood