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Sorry, but you can’t pretend Sasuke and Naruto put as much effort into training as Sakura did when they’re constantly handed new power ups, and Sakura actually has to work for hers.

Even if you wanted to argue about the sharingan, genetic alterations, mangekyou, eternal mangekyou, nine tails 1 & 2, sage mode oil, and amalgam tails, Hagoromo literally handed them their current magic powers.

And Sasuke and Naruto have senseis who basically compete over them. Orochimaru all but kidnapped Sasuke, Jiraiya adopted Naruto between Kakashi, Yamato, Bee, and the Toads all devoting their time to training him solely, while Sakura actually had to go and get the one teacher that actually bothers to teach her at all between her Hokage work.

Let’s not pretend that boys getting handed things after long and thoughtful speeches or a few days to a week of work is in some way equivalent to Sakura having to work constantly for three years to five years for the two whole power ups she gets in the manga.

No one would ever say that about Lee but no, because it’s Sakura, clearly she hasn’t done ~that much.

Naturally. We can’t have a girl out performing the boys even if it’s only in sheer effort to get where she is, lol.

That would be horrible.










"I know."Elsa and early Elsa.

Oh! That’s early-concept Elsa??? And here I thought it was Sasuke in a dress…..


you mean to tell me that’s not Sasuke?????

i totally thought it was Sasuke in a dress.

I saw that and im not even in the naruto fandom



someone who doesnt watch naruto please explain whats happening here

i watch naruto and even i have no idea what is happening here