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SasuSaku fans be like…


"Omg he used a chidori and ripped through her heart and took his sword and chopped her to pieces and fed her flesh to the ravens! He actually took the time to do that to her! it’s love I tell you LOOOOOVE!!!! SasuSaku forever!


u gonna bang or
Naruto: I knew you would come here, we used to fight here a lot
Sasuke: Naruto what the fuck we fought here once





Naruto had sex with a Dorito their child’s name is Narito

you do know its a thing right?image

what the fuck is tHIS?!

Narito x Sasuke Ucheeto

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The brilliant thing about Naruto 619 is Kishimoto basically explained to his reader what’s the deal with the Uchiha clan and the mechanism of the manifestation of the Sharingan. By doing so, he basically highlighted that it all stems from the Uchihas LOVING too much and their grief in the inability to hold on to those they love the most.

Without admitting to anything, Sasuke is confirmed in canon to possess a strong love for Naruto. Whether that is platonic or romantic is probably a moot point because the fact remains: Sasuke loves Naruto strongly that his Sharingan awoke/evolved in Naruto’s presence. That’s just a perfect roundabout way of saying that Sasuke has deep feelings for Naruto that he doesn’t hold for anyone else bar Itachi. And for that? You got to give Kishimoto props for one-upping everyone.



the funniest moment in all of naruto was when sai woke sasuke up to ask him a question and sasuke just BLOWS UP HIS ROOM BECAUSE HIS NAP WAS INTERRUPTED LIKE