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Important Things!


there is a reason why uchiha clan and hyuuga clan do not get along


Everyone keeps talking about who is going to save Sakura, but dammit, I just want her to kick major ass and save herself.



hinata accidentally dropping something important and going “oh, shit!” and shino and kiba just

stare at her

somewhere neji just gasps for no reason



What we had between us. *wiggles eyebrows*




the inuzuka clan’s head is a woman and kiba was raised by women and his sensei is a woman and I need all the fic and fanart about it

#he must respect the shit outta women #like he’ll be hanging out with friends and they’re being total boys and douche bags and saying like man that rack tho or she got ass yo #and kiba’s like no guys can we fucking not we have to respect and cherish our women not look at them like they’re pieces of meat #and everyone stares at him #poor kiba #chivalry is not dead #it lives in kiba



A Team 8 steampunk AU where Shino is mostly mechanical, Kiba is a genetically-engineered experiment and Hinata is the little rich girl who funds their grand adventures of tracking down everything from priceless artifacts to the leaders of sprawling criminal empires

(Source: umewakamaru)


Because 672 chapters are not enough Kishi still wants to make Naruto and Sasuke more connected *wink wink*