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my father just asked me if I wanted to put on capes and walk to the store in the snow to get klondike bars while pretending to be part of the fellowship of the ring


we got the precious

So that’s what you would do for a Klondike bar.

351,899 plays
2,646,290 plays


we made blurred lines on the sims they actually hate each other

Can we all just take a moment to realize that that’s Rei and not Haru.
It took me about 9 episodes to notice, but—
Look at the hair and the eyes.
I am screaming.


Every day at the same time, she waits for him. He comes and they go for a walk.


Today I had a lecture about belief/religion and the lecturer asked what we believed in and some guy shouted “Sherlock Holmes” and then some other kid shouted back “Richard Brook was innocent” and they glared at each other across the room and then the lecturer just carried on with a slightly concerned look on her face.