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Important Things!


Come to Nishiura, it’s nice here


It’s real nice here

In Nishiura


Shhhhh just come


shut up i know it’s not summer but i’m translating this now

 #oh my god mizutani is a pure maiden
I was like “omg. Mizutani you  shipper-girl
Izumi looks Jelly.

Where are your hands, Mia, tztz :3
princetutu sent: When I realized Ookiku Furikabutte wasn't a yaoi after seeing all the stuff about it on tumblr, a small part of my soul died. All that anticipation for a good baseball yaoi just went somewhere and died.

I’m sorry but I have to publish this because this is basically the collective reaction of everyone that watches Oofuri in existence.

I think we should all write a strongly-worded letter to Higuchi to correct this travesty!


Class 7+9 WATER U DOING by ~SilverKRAZE