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i don’t even like to battle competitively i just like raising my pokemon because i grow attached to them and i always feel like they’d be happy to be fully trained and strong



there were a lot of great cosplays at Phoenix Comicon but I feel like this one deserves its own post
I saw this guy maybe eight times on Friday and Saturday, twice riding around on the scooter inside the magikarp, once singing I Can Show You the World. It was only Saturday night that I really looked at him and realized he was Aladdin on a Magikarp
May I present to all of you
The Magikarp-et Ride

look at my friend lou

just look at this disaster

Came across these guys who cosplayed as Dugtrio. I was laughing for days!

pokemon dress - $145
custom sizing!

Scenery with lots of Pokemon in it by request. Well, here it is, guys - the post you’ve been waiting for! Please click the ‘Artist’ link to full view the picture - trust me, it’s worth it. Thank you so much to the artist mr—jack for drawing this, it’s one of the best Pokemon pictures I’ve ever seen.
Click here to see a gif of the process by which he drew this picture.