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The address will always be 221B. And the goosebumps? They’ll always scatter up my arms when I read it. God I love these characters, this drawing, and this fandom.

The address is 221B Baker Street

This is so lovely.





Hey guys? If you have time, could you “like” the Elementary trailer?

Even if you’re not in any related fandoms.

I’m talking to BBC Sherlock fans, too. 

Look, it’s really uncool to try and make this thing flop before you see more than a three-minute clip. No matter why they made it, or when, it’s obviously going to be pretty dissimilar to the BBC version (which is making people complain, for some reason? Even though copying the BBC characterization and look would be met with equal or greater resistance? idek)

This is my act of goodwill, as a BBC Sherlock fan and a potential Elementary fan. You can like two things at once, for different reasons! You can like them for the same reasons! You can totally avoid one thing because you absolutely loathe it while not actively trying to destroy it for the people who might like it! You can stop flooding the tag with hate so people can get to nice graphics! okay one step at a time here

I could get into how great it is that a WOC has a great role for once, and how there are literally hundreds of other adaptations, including modern ones (and future ones and one where they are mice and an anime featuring Holmes as a little girl) and how this one is no worse. How it’s not actually erasing textual queerness because no matter how great the fanfic was, no matter how much it teased, BBC Sherlock itself was never queer. It “no-homo’d” all over the place pretty bad, in fact. And even if you disagree with me there, we will get to keep the BBC fanfic! We will get to keep the show! Nothing will change, except there will also be a show featuring Lucy Liu kicking ass that is totally unrelated to the BBC version!

So please. Take the olive branch, Sherlock tag. Let this thing have a chance to find its feet instead of raving all over it like a pack of wolves who like to say “WRONG” and “ANDERSON DID IT” a lot. It’s going to make the fandom look a lot better in the long run, instead of becoming “that one fandom that killed another one out of pure malice.”

im honestly not even into any sherlock holmes adaption but this is really bugging me ok why would you try to destroy something out of spite i dont get it

i stg moffat doesnt own the concept of modern adaptions of sherlock holmes ok

i stg

christ people what the fuck

seriously why are people doing this

what is wrong with them

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