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Important Things!

Title: The Sky’s Falling All Because of Your BombastFandom: Durarara!!Pairing: Shizuo/IzayaRating: R
Translated by: anni_fiestaScanned/Cleaned/Typeset by: doodlelover
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?kdocojkn5oaeyb5
Notes: Oh good god, this took forever, mostly because this was my first attempt at typesetting and I had to go back and fix all my newbie mistakes. Hopefully it’s not too eye-damaging now. Enjoy!
Title: Spring StormsCircle: ame-zaikuPairing: Shizuo/IzayaRating: PG-13Summary: Spring, the season of expectations and melancholy.Translater: anni-fiestaScanner: ebil_trioCleaner and typeset: doodleloverIf you appreciate this, do me a favor and don’t remove the credits if you share. That way, other people can come back and grab more if they’d like to. :U
Izaya is caught “nyaa”-ing.

DRRR and Pokemon and chibis. Yay.
"Get the HELL out of IkebukuroPLEASE, get out of my HEAD.” 
What I imagine to be going on in the deepest recesses of Shizuo’s mind, whether he knows it or not.

I wonder if voice actors ever look at their lines, and they’re like, ” what kind of psychotic character do i voice? WHAT IS THIS SERIES EVEN ABOUT?! “


Shizuo’s VA must have been so confused.





"That boy is a MONSTER.”
From a video I’ll be uploading later~ Possibly my favorite part, because Izaya is only entertained when he gets to prove his superiority to Shizuo.

Selling doujinshi. :'D

Comes with a translation!

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