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Holy Water: a spin-off of the CW’s cult hit ‘Supernatural’ about Earth, Heaven, Hell and the pursuit of Free Will. “When people talk about wars, it’s all very egocentric, don’t you think? They talk about their day-to-day struggles, their own personal battles, but most of them never go beyond their own doorstep. It’s all me, me, me. They don’t imagine, I mean really imagine, that someone out there might have it worse. They can’t bear it. Because their only consolation is the magnitude of their suffering, something they can hold up to prove that their misery is justified. And whoever they’re defending themselves against - a demon, a hunter, their own face in the mirror - can say ‘fuck, yeah, you really have it bad.’ But the truth of the matter is that no battle is unique. The only difference is how you fight it. But you boys, you think you’re tied down? You think no one is so dogged by the Great Plan as you are? Bullshit. Let me tell you something; it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to - demons, vampires, humans, even angels - especially angels, no matter what they tell you - that’s the thing they all want: Freedom.”

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  • google it
  • oh you mean there’s more than one version
  • okay so where should I start
  • but which one’s the best
  • wait this isn’t in chronological order
  • how what why
  • this
  • is
  • really
  • confusing
  • give up

Moska (by Elene De’ Mymm)

Oh god I just had the most depressing thought ever.


What if when Sherlock gets back he goes to see John and John doesn’t even react just lets him slide seamlessly back into his life.  And at first Sherlock thinks it’s kind of weird but he gets used to it, to John never bringing it up, to the way he sometimes just snaps and yells or breaks something because he figures, “That’s just the way he copes and I deserve so much worse.”  Then one day Lestrade or Mrs. Hudson or someone shows up and starts talking to Sherlock and John goes all white in the face and says

“You can see him, too?”

And that’s when Sherlock realizes that the reason John never said anything was because he’d been imagining that Sherlock was still there the whole time.  He never noticed that his hallucination had been replaced by the real thing.

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 #something about this seems sad to me #Like he’s found Cas but Cas is kind of crazy #and he only remembers pieces of things #so Dean goes to his trunk and gets the trench coat like maybe it’ll help Cas remember #and he’s still angry about everything and hurt and pissed off #but Bobby’s gone and Sam’s in the nuthouse and Dean #for all his bravado #has never done very well with being alone #so maybe it’s not ‘I forgive you’ but its #’Please remember. Please. I need you to be here. With me. I need you #proper you #not crazy you or God you or amnesia you #just you #so please. Please remember me.

 I don’t think there is a sound that I hate moreThan the sound of your voiceWhen you say that you don’t love me anymore