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#i don’t know why i ship this i mean it’s not like there’s much to go on it’s not like they say things like ‘I GAVE EVERYTHING FOR YOU’ or ‘DON’T EVER CHANGE’ or ‘CAS TOO?’ you know? like this ship doesn’t even make any sense i mean they don’t even get up in each other’s personal spaces or anything like that

It’s not like Dean ever asks Cas to blow him, or promises to get him laid, to not let him die a virgin. It’s not like Cas ever slams Dean against the wall or anything either, you know. And when Cas joined Team Free Will it was obviously because he loves the whole humanity of hairless apes so fucking much he’d be delighted to start killing his own brothers and sisters.
Phew. Who’d ever ship that.

Yeah, it’s not like Cas declared some “PROFOUND BOND” between them or ever sat on the edge of the bed watching Dean sleep. Dean never did anything cute for Cas like fixing his collar & tie.  Heck, they’ve never even had deep moments in which Dean cried in front of Cas, spilling his fears and insecurities.  And, I mean, c’mon, it’s not like Cas ever waited on the street all night so Dean could get some sleep!!What even is this….*crack*????

I will never forget this declaration of love.

Interviewer: Do you still keep in touch with Andrew?
Jesse: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, yeah, no I love him - yeah, no I love. Yeah we're still friends.