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Jessica: Daniel is the reason why I’m here. He plucked me from the bullpen when I didn’t know my ass from my elbow.
Harvey: He saw a star to hitch his wagon to.
#CAN WE JUST #I JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE FACT #THAT SUITS WAS WILLING TO GO THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE #JESSICA IS EMPRESS OF NEW YORK AND SHE WILL SLAUGHTER YOU WITH A SMILE #BUT SHE HAS TO PUT UP WITH SOME BASIC BULLSHIT #SHE IS CONSTANTLY AWARE THAT THE WHITE MALE PARTNERS FEEL LIKE SHE’S INTRUDING#AND THAT SHE NEEDS TO BE PUT IN HER PLACE #like okay last week when daniel announced he was going to call for a vote #and all the partners were standing in that room #and it was like 90% white dudes #i was like i bet jessica has spent her ENTIRE CAREER waiting for them to come for her like this #because she is not only brilliant and creative and insightful and ruthless and sneaky and loyal #she is also a stunningly gorgeous black woman who is taller than most of those bastards in her stocking feet #SUCH A THING CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO EXIST!!!!! #i can’t even imagine how she must have felt #to have trusted hardman and to have felt that she owed him #(because she probably kept hitting that goddamn glass ceiling despite her own extreme competence) #and then to be expected to turn him in for her own gain#and to have her own loyalty rewarded with such BULLSHIT #no fucking wonder jessica takes loyalty so seriously #no wonder she is so serious about saving harvey#and no wonder she expects WORLDS and WORLDS of the same from him #JESSICA MY QUEEN #MY DEAREST DARLING #MY BEST BELOVED #jessica pearson takes no prisoners

Gabriel - It’s funny that this show is called ‘Suits’ and not ‘Hair’…Interviewer - Exactly! Your hair is a freaking sculpture!Patrick - It doesn’t move when you touch it!