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Bela is a THIEF and a LIAR. She deserved to go to hell. Thank god the Winchesters NEVER steal or lie, it’d be so hard to like them if they did that since I am definitely not a misogynist and hold them to the same standards that I hold Bela

Right. Because Bela is hated because she was a thief and a liar and because we’re all misogynists.


She’s hated because she double-crossed the Winchesters multiple times and tried to get them killed.

the Winchesters have definitely never double crossed anyone or gotten anyone killed ever. I’ve seen the error of my original post now, please accept my FULL apology

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bela talbot was exploited by a demon when she was a young girl — a demon who offered her protection from her sexually abusive father because nobody else would help and save her

she told dean that nobody would understand—this implies that she came to someone when she was younger, when the abuse was ongoing, and that she was dismissed. that she was brushed off. 

they probably told her she was lying because her father was such a nice guy and she probably shouldn’t be saying such things—because think of his reputation 

nobody cared about bela’s emotional or physical wellbeing to help her. they preferred to look the other way—including her mother. 

so if you condemn bela talbot for making a demon deal to save herself, to protect herself, you are one of the worst people on earth for implying that her parents lives were worth more than her own well being—that bela had no right to protect herself or her autonomy (which is pretty fucking hypocritical since you probably herald team free will yeah your misogyny is not as veiled as you think it is and is, actually, rank and disgusting)

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haha omg i just realised why this expression of Dean’s in 9.06 is so perf to me


because it’s the exact same smile he has in 5.04 when he says “we kinda liked it”


ya you kinda like Cas too eh


i mean just so we’re clear here

bela talbot killed her abusive parents and was treated as a villain and a morally unstable person, and then promptly written off the show for no other reason then that she was disliked. 

bobby singer killed his abusive parent and received justification for his actions by the writers, miraculously came back to life multiple times over the course of the show, and was never questioned by any of the fans, writers or characters!!!

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one of the admittedly many many things that kills me about dean winchester is that he actually wasn’t born to be a hunter. he wasn’t raised as a hunter from birth, probably unlike his mom and grandfather. he was born and raised- for the first conscious years of his life- to be somebody’s cuddle baby. he wuv’d hugs. he had somebody cutting the crust off his sandwiches, kissing his ouchies. singing to him and listening to the silly little songs that he made up. tucking him in with stuffed animals and then hearing him say goodnight mister snuggles to his teddy bear when the lights were out. even worse: we know this is dean winchester’s heaven.

so i often wonder how can people look at dean winchester and not immediately know that the he-man posturing is 80% bullshit designed to keep his fucking head above water? in his heart- and literally in his fucking heaven- he just wants to be loved, and to give love freely. to make somebody laugh. to be held.

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have some cereal to eat straight out of the box while i try not to cry.


I think one of my favourite things ever is the fact that before she watched Supernatural, my girlfriend literally thought that the plot was that two angels had fallen from heaven as children, and were found by an old drunk named Bobby who called them Sam and Dean, and chose the name “Winchester” after his favourite gun, then raised them to hunt monsters.