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I promised I would draw some TSN angst for Liss
(who isn’t even online to see this right now but I felt weird about not having posted anything here for 3 days, hi tumblr)

Track 7 and Track 18 this time (you can sort of see that 3:14 in the last strip) 


He’s not very fond of Facebook.


One of the dynamics Andrew and I found that I really loved and that is indicative of how Mark feels about other people is that I think Mark felt like every time Eduardo is in his dorm room it was though his mother is visiting him, his mother is in his dorm room, and telling him to clean up, and telling him what he’s doing wrong.

He couldn’t appreciate Eduardo as a friend, he couldn’t kind of engage him in the very sweet and wonderful way that Eduardo wants to engage Mark… It’s just a different orientation.

Jesse Eisenberg, DP/30 (via nerdyfangirling)     



Imagine your OTP making passive-aggressive posts about each other on Facebook.

#imagine your otp being passive aggressive because they invented facebook