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somewhere only we know; a mix for people who sometimes look back with a smile at the nights spent in kirkland dorm room drinking beer and playing video games with their best friend  (mark/eduardo, harvard era)

i. somewhere only we know // keane // why don’t we go somewhere only we know? ii. fast car // tracy chapman // i want a ticket to anywhere, maybe we make a deal, maybe together we can get somewhere iii.ivory road // king charles // only the brave surrender, death cannot tear us apart iv. video games // kasabian // open up a beer, and you say get over here and play a video game v. gold rush // ed sheeran // remember the time when we were in school listening to grown ups, didn’t learn a thing vi. futile devices // sufjan stevens // and i would say i love you but saying it out loud is hard so i won’t say it at all vii. flowers in your hair // the lumineers // when we were younger we thought everyone was on our side viii. the hardest of hearts // florence + the machine // darling, how i loved you from the start, but you’ll never know what a fool i’ve beenix. good riddance (time of your life) // green day // for what it’s worth, it was worth all the while

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the completely fake social network nail polish collection, inspired by charlotte-charles

so keep your love locked down, your love locked down

After The Network
└ a sequel to the social network

the hero of this story; an angsty mix focused on the thoughts going through mark’s head

i. my body is a cage // the arcade fire // my body is a cage (…) but my mind holds the keyii. i don’t like it like this // the radio dept // words fail me all the time, i don’t even feel like talking iii. no light, no light // florence + the machine // tell me what you want me to sayiv. holocene // bon iver // …and at once i knew i was not magnificent v. love is all // the tallest man on earth // love is all, from what i’ve heard, but my heart’s learned to killvi. numb (acoustic) // marina & the diamonds // i’m no good, no good to anyone cause all i care about is being number onevii. broke // modest mouse // you said that i was an asshole and i paid the priceviii. lonely stranger // eric clapton // some say that i’m no good, maybe i agree, take a look then walk away, that’s alright with meix. lost cause // beck // no one left to watch your back now, no one standing at your doorx. in california // joanna newsom // some nights i just never go to sleep at allxi. hero // regina spektor // i’m the hero of this story, don’t need to be saved

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That’s Hollywood fantasy, not a documentary. Facebook wasn’t built out of a Harvard dorm window. And I would never throw a laptop at someone, like it appears in the movie. Not even at Mark.

Eduardo Saverin on The Social Network (x)

“Not even at Mark.”

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Mark looking at Eduardo throughout the film