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Important Things!

These cisgender and rape culture posts on my dashboard sometimes confuse me. I definitely do understand them, except some views on them are…skewed? Or maybe I just have a different take on things because of how I grew up. I’m not sure.

First, some back story: My mother is the typical white American girl. Well, except she taught me everything I know about acceptance and loving everything equally. My father was born and raised in Mexico, and taught me everything I know about drinking and just how ignorant and stubborn people can be. They both let me know that they would always love me unconditionally (except if I were ever raped, my dad would probably always hold me partly responsible).

My mother was raped when she was younger, and her mother blamed her for it because she went to a neighbor’s house and got drunk. My dad was raised into a family who drank almost constantly. He became an alcoholic when he was 5, and was raised in a town where if you were a woman and wore a short skirt (or anything revealing), you would most definitely get raped. These things influenced their views greatly.

Rape culture: is a thing that exists. It needs to stop. Any person should be able to wear whatever they want. BUT: My dad’s view isn’t completely wrong. He’s wrong to blame me, of course, and he’s wrong to think that we can’t hope for a future where people will be more civilized. But in a city like Mexico City, there’s no way that a rapist is going to have any judgement passed on him. It’s still like this in America in some areas.

I say this because some people have been saying that we should stop teaching girls to not be raped, and boys to simply not rape. We need to teach both, because with all our laws and punishments, there is always going to be a rapist. It’s the same with muggers. We teach people not to steal, but we still need to teach people to be careful.

My mom shouldn’t have placed herself in a dangerous situation, those boys should not have raped her, and her mother shouldn’t have blamed her for being raped.

Gender/Identity: This is difficult for me, because I think a lot of the idea of male VS female is…Let’s rephrase that. People identify as male or female, but for me that means they’re either more “feminine” or “masculine” but to say that means you place those things on the sexes that supposedly “match” those things, and that’s not accurate. There is no difference between male and female besides reproductive organs and conditioning. If we removed conditioning, we’d have reproductive organs and some aspects of the mind that are exclusive to males and females, and even that is so completely wonky that it’s hard to even say that.

To be perfectly honest, I think the fact that we have male and female pronouns is ridiculous. Who needs to know what’s between our legs if we don’t feel like telling? Categorizing them into two secular things and expecting different things from each category is ridiculous. Only females can get manicures, only males can have short hair. Why? There is no need for the separation unless you’re looking for a mate/partner, and sometimes even then it’s irrelevant.

I dislike having to do my hair, but I like when it looks nice. I like accentuating my eyes and covering up my acne scars with makeup. I have a flat chest and big hips. I like wearing “guy” clothes and “girl” clothes. I would like to have an actual mustache, but I’m unable to grow one. For some reason, all of this adds up to me being a girl. I look like a “she” I suppose, but I’m not insulted when someone calls me “he”.

I guess all this just means that pronouns confuse me.

If someone could explain this to me, that would be the most excellent thing ever. I have epiphanies sometimes, where I’m sure I finally understand it, but then I ask myself another question and I think something else. Please don’t take anything I’ve said to be the end-all of my views and opinions. They change a lot.

(If I said something to offend, then please yell at me. It’s nice to have someone there to correct me.)


(trigger warning for rape, incest, molestation)

Declaring that “life must always be protected”, a senior Vatican cleric has defended the Catholic Church’s decision to excommunicate the mother and doctors of a nine-year-old rape victim who had a life-saving abortion in Brazil.

Cardinal Giovanni Batista Re, who heads the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, told reporters that although the girl fell pregnant after apparently being abused by her stepfather, her twins had, “the right to live, and could not be eliminated”.
In an interview with the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, the cardinal added: “It is a sad case but the real problem is that the twins conceived were two innocent persons. Life must always be protected.”
Police believe the girl was sexually assaulted for years by her stepfather, possibly since she was six. That she was four months pregnant with twins emerged only after she was taken to hospital complaining of severe stomach pains.
The controversy represents a PR nightmare for the Vatican. The unnamed girl’s mother and doctors were excommunicated for agreeing to Wednesday’s emergency abortion yet the Church has not taken formal steps against the stepfather, who is in custody. Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, the conservative regional archbishop for Pernambuco where the girl was rushed to hospital, has said that the man would not be thrown out of the Church, because although he had allegedly committed “a heinous crime”, the Church took the view that “the abortion, the elimination of an innocent life, was more serious”.
The case has set off fierce debate in Brazil, where abortion is permitted only in cases of rape or a medical emergency. Brazil is one of the most populous Catholic countries, but conservative attitudes in rural areas are strongly at odds with the relatively progressive public view of abortion in major cities.
Even the President, Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, has waded into the row. “As a Christian and a Catholic, I deeply regret that a bishop of the Catholic Church has such a conservative attitude,” he said “The doctors did what had to be done: save the life of a girl of nine years old. In this case, the medical profession was more right than the Church.”
One of the doctors involved in the abortion, Rivaldo Albuquerque, has raised the prospect of public clashes at his local church, telling Globo, the nation’s main TV network, that he would keep going to mass there, regardless of the archbishop’s order. The young girl at the centre of the case escaped excommunication only because she is still a child in the eyes of Church authorities. The stepfather, who is 23, was arrested last week, apparently trying to escape to another region of the country. Police say he is also suspected of abusing the girl’s handicapped 14-year-old sister. He is in protective custody, and if convicted faces up to 15 years in prison.

Surprised they didn’t force the young girl to marry her rapist, but I suppose that’s only because he was already married to her mother.
The Vatican and everyone in it needs to burn.

I’ve blogged about this story before, but yeah. A stepfather molested his young stepdaughter, and she became pregnant with twins. At age 9. N-I-N-E. That’s basically the definition of “babies having babies.” Her mother found doctors willing to terminate the pregnancy, and they were all excommunicated. But not the stepfather. Because sexually abusing living, actual children is totally cool - the Catholic Church has proved that on multiple occasions - but preventing a nine-year-old from giving birth to her stepfather’s children conceived in rape is worthy of excommunication.

“So, do you think you’re ever going to get it back?”

Mark was twitchy and unhappy and he snapped, “What?”

“That—what the Phoenix took from you, at that party. Remember? I thought that’s what this was all about. Are you gonna go get it back?”

And Mark felt sick, even though there was no cinnamon around, and no one was touching him, and there wasn’t enough of that night left in his memory for him to still feel like this about it. He felt sick and like he needed to shower, again, and it was ridiculous and frustrating and it wasn’t fair because he won. He got his revenge and this was supposed to be finished now.

“No,” Mark said. “No, I don’t think I can ever get it back.”

“I’m sorry,” Eduardo said, and he meant it. Mark felt so, so tired.

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I had a dream that someone was chasing me down a school hallway, trying to sexually assault me. Afterward, even though they’d caught him, I had to find out and pick out his name from a long list of other people. I tried to tell my classmates, but all they cared about was that I was distracting them from taking notes.

It felt eerily similar to the actual thing—socially, at least.

[tw: rape] Please spread the word!




Hey all

My friend is trying to get signatures for a petition against Judge David Farrell. Recently, he sentenced 2 men to 40 months in prison for raping an 11-year old. Why was the sentence so light? Because she looked older than her age and was “willing”, despite the fact that she claimed it was rape. Please reblog as far as the eye can see and sign this petition to voice your opinion that this is unacceptable!!


Ugh. Disgusting. Please sign and reblog.

Will be signing this, but I don’t feel comfortable with the phrasing “dispite the fact she claimed it was rape.”

She was 11-years old, which means if he penetrated her (which doesn’t seem to be in question) it was rape with zero exceptions because she is 11-years old.  This is sickening.

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