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Quarry Girl wrote about Beyond Meat a few weeks ago. This new vegan “fake me out” meat reportedly has the texture and taste of chicken that blows away competitors like Gardein. While this might not be great news for a lot of vegans who don’t like the taste of meat, Quarry Girl puts into perspective the implications:

 If we ever want real devoted meat eaters to cut back and make a dent in the factory farming problem, we’re going to have to come up with a pretty compelling product to compete with the tastes that they’re used to, and that’s exactly what beyond meat has done.

Of course, 4 months after I move from Maryland to L.A. they make MD one of the two test markets for Beyond Meat. Diabolique! Hopefully L.A. is next because as a former meat eater and a guy who lives with his hyper meat eating brother, I’d like to test this out.

July 17th, 2012: Where are you? -JW
August 2nd, 2012: Come home. -JW
August 24th, 2012: I know you’re not dead, Sherlock. -JW
September 5th,  2012: Stop pretending… -JW
September 30th, 2012: Baker St is awfully  empty. -JW

Man I’d actually planned to continue this ._.

i just want to mail this letter


i don’t know where the mailbox is




here you can see a kindergarten of our Bij┼ź

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There so kawaiiii!!! Omglol