Hello! My name is Nykolle. You can call me that, doodle, or anything you deem suitable.

This is mostly a multi-fandom blog, mixed with things I find amusing/interesting. I take no responsibility for the terror your eyes will undoubtedly witness here. Feel free to chat with me or ask any kind of questions! I am not shy and am willing to help to the best of my abilities. The bolded is what I am reblogging most at this time of year.

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Important Things!

My attempts to talk to younger women didn’t turn out well either. When I was 14, I was in A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden and, in an attempt to do a normal teenage thing, I invited three other boys from the cast to the Times Square Hooters. I thought we could get some wings, watch the game, and gawk at the sexy waitresses. But I was a vegetarian and the other three boys were experiencing gender identity issues, so instead of wings, game watching, and lewd comments about the waitress, we got veggie burgers, asked them to change the channel, and commiserated with the waitress about how difficult it is to break into New York theater.

Jesse Eisenberg on His Lifelong Aversion to Youth Culture (via emilyisobsessed)     

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